We will prepare & send a Glitter Grenade for only $9.99.
Make your friend’s day! Or anonymously ruin your enemy’s!


Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

You want to ruin or make someones day, we’ll make it happen.  We will prepare and mail your Glitter Grenade (envelope + letter + crap load of glitter) to your friend, enemy, or frenemy.

Actually, Glitter Grenades are premium mailed glitter ‘bombs’, more than just an envelope and glitter.  G.G. are crafted of high-quality materials, using an innovative break-away compartment, and a special glitter mixture (colors & particle sizes); Sure to make a sparkly mess!

Will the recipient know who sent the grenade?

No!  Unless you want to.  Glitter grenades are sent anonymously.  You can write who it’s from in the personalized message, or not.

Who could I send a Glitter Grenade?

  • Friend, for their birthday.
  • Family, to send love.
  • Enemy, for deserving it.
  • Coworker, for a fun workday.
  • Boss, for shits & giggles.
  • Ex-Boyfriend, for being evil.
  • Ex-Girlfriend, for being evil.
  • And anybody else you can think of, for whatever reason you want.

With a Glitter Grenade you make your message special & memorable!

I still don't get it?

Really?.. We drew a freaking picture!



It was so funny to see my boss with glitter all over his shirt and desk. The next day he was still trying to get rid of it. It’s almost impossible, LOL!!

– Maggie (Tampa, FL)

My friend loved it, he was cracking up! I didn’t get to see him open it (his Birthday ‘Glitter Grenade’), but he was covered in glitter when I got to his house!

– Max Reese (Austin, TX)

This shit fucked up my day…it’s still all over my car seat. I wanna know who was the motherfucker who sent me this!!!

– Anonymous (Passaic, NJ)

Send a Glitter Grenade!

Who’s it going to be?  We know you have someone in mind!

Just click Send One, enter recipient’s info, and pay.


Glitter Grenades are prepared & sent within 1 business day via USPS First Class Mail or First Class International. Ships worldwide! 

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