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  • You must be 18 years old to purchase and recipient must be over the age of 18.
  • You may not send a gift to any person or organization you do not personally know, this includes famous individuals, politicians, and companies.
  • Customer messages to recipients are printed verbatim (exactly the same as entered).  The buyer/customer is responsible for any and all data & messages submitted at the time of ordering.
  • If you are not 100% sure the recipient will understand the novelty of the item, then do not send one (do not purchase our service).
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Changing / Canceling Orders

  • To meet the 1 business day turnaround time, all Glitter Grenade orders go into processing immediately.  As a result, once submitted it cannot be changed or cancelled.
  • We note this change/cancellation policy in the Checkout page, before payment.
  • We cannot process cancellation requests via email.


Shipping Information

  • You must enter your email (optional) when ordering to receive order status notifications.
  • We ship USPS (United States Postal Service) First Class Mail or First Class International, as stated.   We use a U.S. Forever or Global First Class mail stamp and there is no tracking number.  It is the only cost-effective way we can include worldwide shipping and the product + service at that price.  From our experience, U.S. shipping may take 1-6 days, and International may take 1-3 weeks; Although most countries will be 5-10 days (Canada, Europe, South America).
  • United States Transit Map (Please allow at least these numbers of days for delivery in the U.S.):